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Popcorn & A Movie Night
Thursday, June 27

Popcorn and a Movie Night is Thursday, June 27. Showtime is 6:15 PM at The Better Living Center, 3451 Ortiz Ave. in Fort Myers.

Alzheimer’s and Diabetes: In Your Genes? Or In Your Hands?

Want to determine your own destiny?

Or are Alzheimer’s or Diabetes your destiny simply because they're in your genes? No! The major causes of chronic disease are factors YOU determine.

What if you already have a major chronic disease? Is there any hope?

Tonight's video clips by Dr. Neal Barnard will address these questions.

If you want to die young as late as possible, you'll benefit from his message--especially if you want your mind to last as long as you do.

Join us on the 4th Thursday evening every month for a movie that will educate & empower you on the road to a healthy life. These range from humorous to sobering, from documentaries to the occasional health lecture. Always they're informative! We supply the popcorn, you bring your own water bottle. You're welcome to bring additional snacks or a sack supper,if desired.

Movie title will be posted in advance at