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With Earth Day, 2012, coming up this Sunday, April 22, here is Earth911's list of 8 ways being vegetarian is good for the planet:

  1. Reduces water consumption to grow veggies vs. meat
  2. Saves fossil fuels
  3. Protects open spaces
  4. Stops topsoil erosion
  5. Minimizes greenhouse gases
  6. Reduces agricultural runoff
  7. Minimizes packaging waste
  8. Creates more compostables

Although food journalist Michael Pollan was wrong when he asserted that "a vegan in a Hummer has a lighter carbon footprint than a beef-eater in a Prius”, according to a 2006 University of Chicago study, a vegan driving a Prius does have a lighter footprint than a meat-eating bicyclist. Best of all, of course, is the vegan bicyclist.

To read the entire Earth911 article 8 Ways Vegetarian is Good for the Planet, click here.