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A disturbing new report from the Food & Environment Reporting Network and ABC News finds evidence that links the cause of mysteriously drug resistant bladder infections in women to factory-farmed poultry treated with antibiotics. Bladder infections affect 60% of all American women and, in part due to the fact that a single course of antibiotics no longer works to treat these infections, costs an estimated $1 billion annually. Watch this clip that originally appeared on ABC World News.

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So, what about the other white meat, pork? Please read this article from NPR's food blog, the Salt, that reports on research showing how an antibiotic-susceptible staph germ passed from humans into pigs, where it became resistant to the antibiotics tetracycline and methicillin. Then the antibiotic-resistant staph jumped back into humans. It has since spread from pigs into cattle and poultry.

And, finally, in this 2011 clip from Dr. Michael Greger's site, Dr. Greger discusses evidence of the increasing presence of drug resistant bacteria in our retail meat supply.

For those of you who are not able to completely give up meat and can't buy organic, please be careful with its preparation. Rinse your meat, cook it thoroughly and clean your kitchen with anti-bacterial cleaners. Wash your hands thoroughly. Use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Experts suggest that you wash your hands for as long as it takes you to recite the alphabet.

MRSA is nothing to mess with.