Not Only Healthier But Cheaper Too


Well, one day, we were shopping at Costco in Fort Myers. When we got in line at the check-out, I noticed the gentleman in front of us did not have a cart. He was holding just ONE item. It turned out to be a beef tenderloin, one of those long, skinny pieces of meat. As he checked out, I noticed his bill was $74.00!

We checked out next, with our grocery cart FULL of food. Here was our list:

Spinach $ 5.29
Romaine lettuce 3.99
Tomatoes 5.99
Blueberries 8.99
Whole grain bread 3.99
Strawberries 7.49
Grapes 7.99
Watermelon 4.99
Red Potatoes 6.99

Our total for a grocery cart full of food was only $55.71!

I compared that to the man carrying the one meat item for $74.00 and felt very good about our food choices!

In summary:

Cost of one meat item loaded with cholesterol and fat $74.00
Cost of a grocery cart loaded with nutritional food $55.71
Cost of a slimmer healthier body Priceless!
Thanks to everyone at CHIP for a great education!
Mary Ann and Phil Parsons
Cape Coral, FL