You Can't Afford Life Without It


In 2006, Phil was financially secure—a great job, substantial savings, a beautiful home. Then on their dream vacation his wife, Lori, had a crippling stroke. Insurance co-pays were staggering. Phil withdrew over $50,000 from savings to pay off the medical bills.  A few months later his secure job was suddenly gone in the economic downturn. Within months, his remaining savings were wiped out. Bill collectors hounded him; he was no longer able to pay the mortgage. Today, Phil and Lori are facing life after bankruptcy and the loss of their home.

Two years after Lori’s stroke, CHIP came to their city. The good news is that Phil and Lori implemented the CHIP lifestyle and have avoided further medical emergencies. The bad news is that the knowledge came too late to spare them the crippling physical and fiscal effects they had already suffered.

In a society where medical costs are the leading cause of bankruptcy you can’t afford life without the priceless benefits of Complete Health.