(low-fat high-fiber)

In blender, whiz till coarsely ground:      

  • ½ c millet, quinoa, or buckwheat (or use ½ c whole grain cornmeal)

Add to blender:

  • 1 c beans (see tips below)
  • ½ t salt
  • 1 T oil
  • 2 T honey
  • 1 T vanilla

In 4 cup measure, put:                                  

  • 3½ c water         

Have ready: 

  • 4 c rolled oats

Add a small amount of the water to the blender, then add rolled oats one cup at a time, adding some of the water after each cup of rolled oats, ending with water.

Turn blender on and whiz ingredients for 30 seconds or until well blended.

Pour into preheated regular (not Belgian) waffle iron and bake at medium setting until waffle iron signals baking is complete. This takes under 3 minutes in my Cuisinart Classic Round Waffle Maker, but can be 8-10 minutes in some waffle irons.


  • Use canned garbanzos, drained; or use soaked garbanzos or soaked soy beans.
  • For 1 cup soaked beans, cover 1/3 c dry beans with cool water and let sit overnight at room temperature.
  • Beans can be soaked in advance, then drained, and frozen. Later, rinse them under hot water and add to the recipe.
  • If desired, add 1 t maple flavoring to the recipe.
  • If you don’t have soaked beans available, leave them out and use a total of 4 c water.
  • If you have okara as a byproduct of making soy milk, use 1 c okara and just 3 c total water.